Your Needs

Start-Up Businesses

You have a new company with a product or service to sell.

You are either just starting out or you are growing but are in need of someone to handle business development. We’ve pulled together some questions that will aid you in determining if you are in need of our services:

1. Have you developed and written your business plan?
If so, proceed to question 2.
If not, you are ready to work with KP Consultants to design and implement that winning plan.

2. Do you have an existing customer or client base?
If yes, proceed to question 3.
If not, please talk to us about your targets and plans to reach those clients or partners.  Together, we can build a solid base.

3. Do you currently have a sales/customer support team that calls on those customers/clients?
If yes, proceed to question 4.
If not, allow KP Consultants to pick up the slack and support you in the process of a permanent placement.

4. Does your sales team have effective collateral tools to support their efforts?
If yes, you are headed in the right direction. Proceed to question 5.
If not, we are here and ready to develop those collateral tools you need to close the deal.

5. Does your marketing team have the tools and the expertise to get you out and in front of the competition? Or, do they face budget constraints?
If there are budget constraints and your team is at a standstill, let me help them be successful within those constraints.

6. Have you grown to the point where you are too busy to handle business development, sales or marketing efforts on a consistent basis?
If yes, you need us. We want to help you become a bigger, stronger company today!

Established Businesses

Your business has been in place and growing for quite awhile now and you have built a solid customer base.

At this point you probably have a sales and marketing and business development team in-house. Here are some questions that will help you determine if you need additional support from KP Consultants:

1. Do you have a sales/business development team in place?
If yes, let’s move on to the next question.
If not, we will manage that role until together, we find a successful in-house candidate.

2. Does your sales/business development team have support in place?
If yes, let’s move on to the next question.
If not, we will be the support staff your team needs in order to do their job successfully.

3. Is the support staff able to keep the workflow moving without interruptions?
If yes, let’s move on to the next question.
If not, we will provide support for the extra workflow as needed without a long-term agreement in place.  We are always just a phone call or office visit away.

4. Do you ever have needs for a dedicated person on a short-term basis?
If yes, we will fill that need to complete the project.

5. Do you currently have an outside source handling your company’s message?
If yes, let’s move on to the next question.
If not, we can assist you by bringing on that resource that best fits your needs and then manage that process with you.

6. Do you have someone in-house managing the communications between your decision makers and the outside source that represents you?
If yes, you are well on your way!
If not, call us now!  We can help.